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Banking and Islamic Finance


With over 100 years of combined legal experience in this practice area, we compete with the best. Our range of expertise in modern and traditional Islamic finance agreements include Sukuk, W’ad, Murabaha, Takaful, Ijarah, Mudaraba and Musharaka.

We also advise many of Oman’s top financial institutions in areas such as new Islamic institution incorporation, product strategy and development, legal risk management and in banking facilities and capital management, project finance, asset finance, trade finance, property and derivatives, fund formation and insurance transactions.

We are well-versed in both conventional and Islamic banking and finance matters. We drive value for our banking/finance clients by advising on all aspects of banking-related transactions, including:

  • Bank risk management.
  • Banking compliance.
  • Bilateral financing agreements.
  • Client supportive due diligence.
  • Netting arrangements
  • Payroll financing and management.
  • Property Finance.
  • Receivables financing.
  • Retail banking arrangements (secured and unsecured).
  • Shipping and Aircraft Financing.
  • Syndicated loans.
  • Trade Finance.
  • Security documentation (mortgages, security assignments, pledges and set – off agreements).
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