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Corporate Finance


Our experienced corporate finance attorneys are specialists in their field and advise on all types of corporate finance and private equity transactions, from seed capital through raising growth capital to buy-outs and exits. Our JA Legal Team advises and on a wide range of corporate finance transactions. The experience of the team and our global reach allows us to advise publicly listed joint stock companies with their ongoing obligations on various exchanges and jurisdictions and to provide the requisite legal due diligence and regulatory compliance.

As empowered professionals and negotiators with extensive knowledge of market practice, our aim is to conclude negotiations in a way which protects your best interests but ensures the essential good working relationship between the investor and investee company moving forward.

Here are some of the many ways we drive value for our Corporate Finance clients:

  • Equity issues by companies including the listing of companies on the Muscat.
  • Securities Market in order to raise capital for development and /or to restructure ownership.
  • Financing project finance and infrastructure finance.
  • Management buy and buy outs and buy in's typically funded by the private equity.
  • Raising capital via the issue of other forms of equity, debt and related securities.
  • Raising debt and restricting debt, especially in relating to the types of transaction referred to above.
  • Risk management for investment and finance companies.
  • Takeovers of private and public companies and their financing.
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