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Business Start-ups and Joint Ventures


The early-stages of starting a new business may seem daunting, so it is therefore vitally important to take the time to set up the legal framework in which you, your business partners and your employees can operate. Proper legal advice in the early stages can save you a great deal of time and money in the long term. Our team will guide you through key legal issues and assist you with forming your preferred business vehicle.

Our business start–ups and joint ventures practice group understands that new companies have a tremendous number of things to think about. When a business is in its infancy, decisions its founders make now will impact the company well into the future, practice group/team advises on, drafting, reviewing and registering all legal documents.

Here are some of the many ways we drive value for our Business Start-up and Joint Venture clients:

  • Commercial Real Estate Leases.
  • Constitutive Contracts and Articles of Association.
  • Corporate/Investment Structures.
  • Corporate Resolutions and Deeds.
  • Employment Contracts.
  • Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements.
  • Internal and Human Resource Policies.
  • Governmental Licenses and Permits.
  • Sale and Purchase of Shares and Shareholders Agreements.
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